CBD Products

Constant aches and pains can now be a thing of the past with a new alternative – all natural Plant based medicine known as CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is appealing for those looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, pain, and depression. With CBD’s potential to treat a range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, alcoholism, MS, and PTSD. At 2 Steps Higher we have a selection of CBD’s in various forms such as E-juice, Oral Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, Patches, Gummies, Syrups and much more. Stop in today and experience a healthier medical alternative.


The medical benefits of the Kratom plant are highly diverse due to the characteristics of its unique alkaloid profile which is unlike any other plant studied or widely used at this time. Treatments include pain relief, opiate withdrawal, Mood improvement, Increased Energy, anti-depressant, Insomnia relief, and so much more. For over 4 years now we have been supplying the public with this life changing and possibly life-saving all-natural Plant.

Dab City

Whether you are looking to add to an existing piece or find a new one to call your own, we have a very large selection of Concentrate Rigs of all shapes and sizes. Don’t miss out on Michigan made rigs and unique Dab accessories. We have great deals on Electric Nails as well as Torches and novelty Rigs.

We have accessories to meet all of your dab needs including quartz bangers, titanium nails, drop-downs, thermal bangers, reclaim catchers, g/o/g adapters , and electric nails.


Check Them Out In The StoreYou can’t miss our selection of hand-rolling papers, tobacco wraps, and Flavored hemp Cones. We have a variety of old school rolling papers as well as popular flavored and unflavored natural leaf papers. If rolling is not a skill you obtain, pick up a rolling machine and your favorite papers today

Detox Products

Need to pass that important test, come and speak with our knowledgeable staff and find the right Detox product so you leave feeling confident. Our products have a great record in this field and with the right information you’ll be sure to get the best results possible. From hair shampoo and mouthwash, to Detox drinks and synthetic urine, we’ve got it all.

Wall of Water-Pipes

Our must see wall of water pipes has a perfect piece to meet everyone’s smoking needs. Whether you want something big or small, for personal use or something to show your friends, it’s here. Main stream glass companies like AMG, Mav, Lookah, and many more options to choose from, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect water pipe for you.


Come check out our ladies apparel and fall jackets, as well as new T-shirts, gloves, hats, and scarves. Select clothing hand-made and select garments hemp based. Amazing dresses, blouses, bags, and tops perfect for every old school hippie.

Our New Look

A new look means more great new products that customers can’t miss. Novelties, knick-knacks, games, and banners now eye catching and available.

Soft Glass

Looking for a water-pipe, check out our selection of beautiful soft glass pieces. Perfect for every smoker and every old school hippie. You get the cleanliness of glass with the affordability you can love.

Michigan-Made Hand Pipes

Find exclusive Michigan-made hand pipes, available only here at 2 Steps Higher Head Shop. Stop by today to see our inventory. We're always getting new shipments, so check back regularly for the latest product selection.