"Your Old School Head Shop" In Flint, MI: 2 Steps Higher Head Shop

Looking for a head shop that keeps to its old school roots? You've found it. 2 Steps Higher Head Shop is "Your Old School Head Shop." As your new premier Head Shop in the Flint area, we have some great quality products at the best prices.

2 Steps Higher Head Shop is locally owned & operated and new to the Flint area, and we are making our mark! We already have a reputation for stocking great water pipes, like those from Bent Glass & A.M.G., Michigan-made hand pipes, concentrate rigs, soft glass, vaporizers, and acrylics. We also carry detox products, papers, wraps, women's clothing, incense, longboards, and just about anything else you can think of!

Visit 2 Steps Higher Head Shop for a great selection in style and variety of products. And you'll find the kind of knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional staff you deserve, providing the customer service you expect.

Need to pass that important test, come and speak with our knowledgeable staff and find the right Detox product so you leave feeling confident. Our products have a great record in this field and with the right information you'll be sure to get the best results possible. From hair shampoo and mouthwash, to Detox drinks and synthetic urine, we've got it all.

Looking to support your state? We have glass coming in from Detroit, Highland, Bay City, and all over the place! You'll find hand pipes, sherlocks, chillums & pendants coming soon!! You'll definitely find an impressive selection of custom made Michigan glass. Support your local artists.

We Carry A Wide Variety of Smoking Products

Looking for something to smoke with? Stop in and you'll find exactly what you want! We carry Bent Glass & A.M.G. water pipes plus a huge selection of more glass on glass water pipes. We also have soft glass, acrylics, & ceramics. We have an impressive array of pipes from all over the country, including right here in Michigan. And of course papers, dugouts, chillums, and one hitters. There's always something you don't want to leave without!!

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