About 2 Steps Higher

"Your Old School Head Shop"

We keep up the old school vibe: As you walk in you are first greeted by the wonderful smell of incense, then by our outgoing and educated employees. After that, everywhere you look you'll find something interesting and fun to check out.

There's one thing that we really love: glass, glass, GLASS! We carry names like A.M.G. and Bent Glass, and we have tons of glass on glass water pipes: straight tubes, beakers, single, double & triple percs!

Some of our favorite glass items are our Michigan-made glass hand pipes & sherlocks. We have a sweet selection from all over our great state that you have to see. Michigan has got some style!

Keep in mind we also carry vaporizers. We have home units, portable units, and units for concentrates. Just a few things to make it a little healthier. If that's not your thing, we have papers, wraps, one hitters, chillums, etc.

And that's just half the store. We also carry women's clothing, t-shirts, bajas, bags, belts, incense, longboards, and a range of accessories. We also carry de-tox products & synthetic urine to help you pass your next test, plus Grunge Off, Formula 420, and more cleaning solutions to keep all your glassware looking new!

At 2 Steps Higher Head Shop, we keep the old school Head Shop vibe alive while bringing our products into the future.