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The medical benefits of the Kratom plant are highly diverse due to the characteristics of its unique alkaloid profile which is unlike any other plant studied or widely used at this time. Treatments include pain relief, opiate withdrawal, Mood improvement, Increased Energy, anti-depressant, Insomnia relief, and so much more. For over 4 years now we have been supplying the public with this life changing and possibly life-saving all-natural Plant.

Constant aches and pains can now be a thing of the past with a new alternative – all natural Plant based medicine known as CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is appealing for those looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, pain, and depression. With CBD’s potential to treat a range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, alcoholism, MS, and PTSD. At 2 Steps Higher we have a selection of CBD’s in various forms such as E-juice, Oral Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, Patches, Gummies, Syrups and much more. Stop in today and experience a healthier medical alternative.